End of life solutions for refurbishing & recycling lithium-ion batteries.

Our journey

ReCy Energy is the dreamchild of a group of environmental enthusiasts who feel that the growing number of Li-ion batteries that are going to come into existence over the next decade (and further-on) may harm our environment if they are not recycled properly. With this objective in mind, we got together to build a company that focusses on the End of Life solutions for Li-ion batteries.

What does that mean and what do we intend to do?
Firstly, we want to extend the life of an existing battery by using our in-house processes; and
Secondly, safely destroy old batteries and recover the critical materials from them. Then using our proprietary technologies, we rejuvenate those materials so that they can be used as inputs in new Li-ion batteries. This closes the loop of the battery life cycle by creating a circular economy. 

Our goal is to recover up to 99% of all constituent materials found in lithium-ion batteries and ensure that no production of landfill waste is generated during the process

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