About Us

Making lithium-ion batteries a truly circular and sustainable product.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Masood Khajenoori

Prior to founding ReCy Energy, Dr. Masood has spent around 2 decades building successful businesses in the chemicals and energy sector. He has worked in several countries including India, US & the Middle East. Most recently, he has been instrumental in setting up of several Gas based power plants in Middle East, India and Africa (totalling 325 MW capacity till date).

Dr. Masood is extremely passionate about our environment and is keen to build a sustainable model around recycling batteries in an efficient manner. He is a Dental Surgeon by education, but soon after completion of his course he realised his passion for business and hence persuaded the latter.

Co-Founder & Director

Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain belongs to an entrepreneurial family that has been running a successful plastics recycling business for over 4 decades. He has personally set up and runs two successful commercial ventures in this segment. Firstly, manufacturing picture frames from recycled plastic and secondly, recycling plastic bottles of the FMCG & Edible Oil industry and converting them back into plastic bottles for their reuse.

Given his strong interest and expertise in the recycling industry, Vikas has now ventured into the end-of-life solutions of Lithium ion batteries

Co-Founder & Director

Manuja Arya Shroff

A professional with over 12 years of extensive experience in Strategic Business Planning, Corporate Communications, Advertising & Media Planning, Brand Building in addition to portfolio management and fund raising for start-ups.
Her ability to adapt and execute ideas with an astute authority ability, has been her success story.
Her passion and commitment to protect the environment has seen her address the issue with well known stake holders from different parts of India.